Table Numbers and Names
I can create table number cards to go with the theme and colours of the Wedding and matching stationery. Alternatively, you can choose a theme for your tables; sometimes places visited together, a hobby or films etc.
Table numbers 1
Table numbers 2
Table numbers 3
Table numbers 4
Table numbers 6
Table numbers 20
Table names 7
Table names 8
Table names 9
Table names 10
Table names 11
Table names 12
Table names 13
Table names 14
Table names 15
Table names 16
Table names 17
Table names 18
Table names 19
Table names 5
I also have my script wooden free-standing numbers.These are also under Hire Items
Rose Gold
Natural wood
Sweet and Top Table
Numbered wood blocks to hire, either dark wood or light wood
with numbers up to 12, Top Table and Sweet Table
Number wood blocks
Dark wood
Number wood blocks
All number options,
top table and sweet table
Clear acrylic with vinyl numbers or names,
Can be plain or with a colour watercolour wash on the back.
This can be a colour of your choice to suit your theme.
Wash can be any colour to match your theme
Acrylic with watercolour wash
Acrylic with white vinyl only can be hired